Ways in Which You Can Use Singing Bowls


Singing bowls can be used in various ways and hence they are very enjoyable. They can be used in different ways and purposes and one of the most popular uses is in providing healing to the mind and body. Singing bowls are made using alloy metals and have been proven to cure various disorders in the body. A singing bowl which is made using a specific metal or a certain combination of metals is placed on the part of the body which needs healing and then it is struck. The waves produced when a singing bowl is struck goes through the cells in the body and opens up a specific chakra. One can also use singing bowls for charging up emotions and objects since sound can be used for transferring energies and the many metals that are used in making the singing bowl can be of help in many ways. Click here to learn more about singing bowls: https://www.silverskyimports.com/.

The singing bowls were used in the ancient times by the Tibetan Shamans for transferring powerful intentions. Because energy can be easily transferred through sound, one's thought, wishes and emotions can also be transferred through singing bowls. You are only required to write all your wishes on a paper and place it in the singing bowls and it is believed that by doing that, wishes become charged and then become true. Singing bowls can also be used to conduct some healing eve when the patient is not present. Some people conduct healing by placing the photograph of the patient in need of healing inside the singing bowls and when they strike the bowls, the photograph is charged up. When such a thing is being done, there are some specific metals that are used depending on the body part which needs healing.

One of the best things about this method is that no person can misuse this form of how the singing bowl is used. In case there is any blocked energy of any chakra, it will be of benefit to the person who is in need of the healing. Astrologically, such a method can also be used. In case Venus is placed wrongly in the horoscope, one can fill a copper bowl with clean water and then it is made to resound which makes the water to be charged. Immediately after that, when an individual drinks that water, the Venus which was placed wrongly in the horoscope gains some strength.

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